Whether you are selecting a school for your son or daughter, evaluating a day or a boarding school – choosing a school is a major family decision. Making the right choice will first involve understanding your child’s needs and your family’s values and expectations, then examining the different features of each school you are considering.

Below are some of the questions we often hear while future parents and students are making their decision.

Where is Overland High School located?
-The school is 45 kilometer from KISARAWE town. The direction to get to our school are- From BUGURUNI market place bus station, take a bus going towards MSANGA. When your in the Buguruni – Msanga bus, ask the conductor to drop you off at MFURU. From MFURU bus station, you will be taken bya motorcycle to the school, which is five kilometer away from MFURU.

When should I apply to Overland High School?
-Please contact or email the school to get the deadlines

What type of student is Overland High School accepting?
-Students with good grades, behavior. We do not tolerate student who don’t follow school policy.

Will I be able to afford Overland High School?
-Yes. The details are contained in the application forms and joining instructions.

Is an interview required?
-Yes,an interview is required for o-level by way of conducting qualifying test in basic Mathematics, English and General Knowledge for those who completed standard 7

What is QT, CSEE and ACSEE stands for?
-Qualifying Test for those who did not follow the “O”-level syllabus but would like to be issued with a form 4 certificate, CSEE-Certificate of Secondary Education Examination , ACSEE-Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.

How do we arrange a visit to campus?
-For new applicants contact the school to arrange the visit to campus and parents can visit during parents visiting days.

How accessible are teachers at Overland High School?
-Teachers are always available during the day and prep time in the evening when the students are preparing themselves since they are living in the campus.

What type of standardized testing does Overland High School use?
– NACTE -National Council for Technical Education syllabus as issued from time to time.

What admission tests are required and what are the average scores?
-Admission test is only revised for “O”-level as explained above and for the admitted students they are submitted to test in every term with an annual average that determines admission to the next class and for those who do not score the average they are either discontinued or relegated to lower class.

What are the Admission requirements for international students?
-As long as they meet the national standards set by the NECTA/ministry of education and vocation training (VETA).

What co-curricular activities are offered?
-Football, volleyball, basketball, farming, running, mchakamchaka, netball.

What do people do on the weekends?
-There are still classes on Saturday until lunch time and there after chilling/relaxing/sports/clean up area/evening debate or film.

Is there a dress code?
-Yes, check the joining forms.

*If you don’t find answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us*.

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